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Thank you so much. A day to remember. - The Acker Family. 07/19/05


Alaska Governor Sean Parnell and David
Alaska Governor Sean Parnell and David

Pristine Lake
Pristine Lake

Your Name Video
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Ketchikan Taxi Cab Tours

Ketchikan Taxi Cab Tours, (KTCT), was formed by Kat and Dave Freeman in order to combine their love of travel and adventure into providing small, intimate, and affordable excursions to the many sights and attractions in Ketchikan, Alaska.

We provide a fun, relaxed and informative excursion service to visit the numerous attractions on Revilla Island. Our primary goal is to fit the need of the independent traveler coming off the cruise ships, the Alaska Marine Highway, or flying into Ketchikan.

Dave Freeman was a commercial fisherman in Southeast Alaska, (salmon, herring, and halibut) for more than thirty years. He has been fortunate to have worked with one of the foremost Tlingit native fishing families, (The Demmerts), the last 25 years. Through this experience comes his extensive knowledge of the Native cultures in Southeast Alaska. Commercial fishing being seasonal, Dave has had endless time to travel the world. Whether by sailboat, or lately by bicycle, he has toured more than 50 countries in the last three decades.

Kat Freeman is an avid adventurer and guide, traveling and working in over 65 countries. Formally a co-producer of travel video she spent several years documenting the inside passage for various cruise companies. She found Ketchikan to be the most endearing and now loves to show small intimate groups what makes Revilla Island one of the most fascinating destinations in Alaska. She delights in taking travelers away from the maddening crowds to her favorite places while relating stories of the lives of true Alaskans.

Serena is a young adventurer following in the footsteps of her Uncle Dave and Aunt Kat. She has lived and traveled in Europe and Japan and loves engaging with cultures from around the world. Serena is finishing her degree at Seattle Pacific University in Global Development Studies and is planning to use her degree to improve education in low income countries and empower individuals in an increasingly globalized world. She loves escaping the heat of the "lower 48" and working in Ketchikan during the summer surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the islands, the rich wildlife in Alaska, and the quirky charm of the locals.

Both bilingual (Spanish), Kat and Dave winter in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico (in 2013 voted the "Best City in the World" by Conde Nest Traveler) where Dave operates a mountain bike touring company in the high desert and Kat teaches yoga and practices reflexology.
Kat Greene and Dave Freeman
Kat and Dave Freeman

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