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Russian Museum
Russian Museum

Saxman Native Village
Saxman Native Village

Award winning photo
by Gary Cox on
2010 Ketchikan tour


Ketchikan Excursions

Ketchikan Taxi Cab Tours fills a demand for inexpensive yet knowledgeable, personalized, narrated tours of Ketchikan. Our excursions offer the independent traveler a relaxed, intimate (1-6 people) experience to view the many attractions on our magnificent island.

Some of the must sees in Ketchikan are Totem Bight State Park, Saxman Native Village, the historical downtown, the Tongass National Rainforest, and selected points on the island to view salmon, eagles, and bears.

With your limited time in mind, we will put together your own special experience. Our excursions are very flexible and vary day by day, hour by hour. The weather is unpredictable, wild life is seasonal and the tides in southeast Alaska can range from a few feet to over 25 feet! Therefore each tour has our own personal attention and consideration in mind.

To get an idea how inexpensive a private, personal excursion can be, here is an example of cost (per person) for each van.
Our price is US$74 per hour per van, therefore:
   - 4 people = $18.50 each per hour
   - 5 people = $15.00 each per hour
   - 6 people = $12.50 each per hour
Therefore-5 people, 3 hour tour, would be $222 or about $45 per person. We tell our groups in a 3 hour tour we will cover about 3-6 different tours that the cruise ships offer all rolled into one complete tour of our island. No buses, no lines, and plenty of time for photo-ops, bathroom and snack breaks!

We each have our own van and carry a maximum of six per van for a total of up to 12 people. We do of course have other vans and drivers with great stories and can accomodate up to 30 people. Kind of fun to caravan around the island playing: "follow that cab!" Our late model Dodge Caravans can also hold 2-3 wheelchairs and gear in the back.

An example of a 2-3 hour excursion could be a visit to Potlatch Totem Park and Saxman Native Village, then a loop through downtown to view the boardwalk streets, salmon returning to spawn, the infamous Dolly’s House and various other historical totem poles scattered throughout.

Others might prefer more wilderness and in a 2-3 hour excursion you can experience perhaps a walk in the rainforest, beachcombing, maybe Herring Cove to see a wild run of King Salmon and at times a bear, 2-300 bald eagles and a raging waterfall.

For more information and testimonials about our tours check out and

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